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ACT Calls on County to Halt Columbia Country Club's Anti-Purple Line Lobbying

April 21, 2015

Columbia Country Club's ongoing lobbying against the Purple Line contravenes its commitment to the state and county that it would stop lobbying against the transit project, the Action Committee for Transit said today. In a letter sent to the Montgomery County Executive and County Council, the transit advocates urged prompt legal action against the country club's interference with building of the desperately needed light rail line.

Members of the country club held an anti-Purple Line fundraiser, at which some $47,000 was contributed to Governor Hogan's political fund. Among the contributors to that event (along with the lobbyist hired by the Town of Chevy Chase to oppose the Purple Line) were a member of its Board of Governors and the spouses of three other board members. Subsequently, leading members of the country club met with members of Governor Hogan's staff and with the state Secretary of Transportation for the purpose of lobbying against the Purple Line.

“It's bad enough that a few wealthy golfers have been able to delay this project for so many years,” said ACT vice president Ronit Aviva Dancis. “Do they think that because they are so well connected, they don't have to keep their word to their fellow citizens?”

“Columbia Country Club has been playing golf for years on the county-owned right of way,” added ACT secretary Tracey Johnstone. “If they can't keep their commitments to the county, why should the county let them keep playing golf on county property?”

Full text of ACT's letter is here.