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May 6, Metro repair plan

April 6, 2016, Approval of Purple Line contract

November 4, 2015, Transit groups to Rahn: Stop building new roads until old ones are safe

October 7, Six organizations urge governors & mayor to fix Metro

September 20, Garth Burleyson wins prize, guessed opening date of Transit Center

September 9, Transit advocates urge Hogan administration to invest transportation funds in MARC upgrades

June 25, ACT statement on Governor Hogan's Purple Line announcement

June 11, After Hogan Rides Maglev Train in Japan, Purple Line Backers Invite Him to Maryland Transit Route

June 8, State & Feds Must Chip In for Hogan's Maglev, Say Japanese

June 4, If "Seeing is Believing" a Train in Japan, Why Hasn't Gov Hogan Looked at Purple Line Route?

May 21, ACT statement on Purple Line meeting between governor and county executives

May 18, Purple Line Backers Protest: Hogan Puts Purple Line On Ice and Flies to Vegas

May 16, ACT Slams Hogan Purple Line Stall

May 11, Town of Chevy Chase Violated the Maryland Public Information Act, ACT Says

May 4, Jobs, Not Golf! Campaign Goes to Columbia Country Club

April 27, Hogan aides rebuff business, labor & enviros as they huddle with Columbia Country Club

April 21, ACT calls on county to halt Columbia Country Club's anti-Purple Line lobbying

March 10, Purple Line opponents veer into fantasy with proposal for toll truckway on Jones Bridge Road

March 2, Purple Line Supporters Protest Anti-Transit Fundraiser

Feb 21, ACT Statement on Purple Line Delay

Feb 18, Town of Chevy Chase Spending Tops Million Dollars to Fight Purple Line

Feb 2, 2015 Action Committee for Transit Files Suit Over Improper Secrecy in Campaign Against Purple Line

May 28, 2014, ACT releases its 2014 Primary Election scorecard

May 28, ACT's 2014 Primary Election scorecard (PDF)

April 30, Common Cause Maryland Calls On Town of Chevy Chase to Allow Public Access to Public Records

March 31, Town of Chevy Chase Broke the Law, Open Meetings Board Rules

March 24, New Documents on Shuster Brother Lobbying Show Town of Chevy Chase Misinformed Residents Before Public Hearing

February 10, New Public Hearing Needed on Chevy Chase Lobbyist After the Facts Come Out

February 4, ACT Calls for End to Secrecy over Shuster Brother Lobbying

January 26, 2014, Lobbyist Filing Contradicts Chevy Chase Mayor — Shuster Brother Lobbies Congress Against Purple Line

October 8, 2013, National Walk to School Day: Bethesda Parents Demand a “Safe Walk to School”

September 25, Guess when the Silver Spring Transit Center opens — win free dinner

September 23, Town of Chevy Chase Aims To Keep Outsiders Away As It Fights On Against Purple Line

August 15, Montgomery Transportation Dept. Missing In Action On Safe Walks To School

July 22, ACT Urges Practical Way Forward for Bus Rapid Transit, Calls for Trial Run While Proposed Master Plan Is Reworked

July 8, Transit Backers Slam Move to Gut BRT Plan, Call for “More Transit, Not More Asphalt”

May 14, ACT Hits Closing of College Park Metro During Maryland Commencement

May 8, ACT Launches "Safe Walk to School" Campaign; Parents Throughout Montgomery County Join In

April 23, Riders Demand Action As Silver Spring Transit Center Reaches Not-So “Sweet Sixteen”

March 13, What Will It Take for the Montgomery County Police To Tell Drivers To Obey the Law?

January 9, Transit Riders Demand Answers on Anniversary of Silver Spring Transit Center Debacle.

January 2, 2013, Upcounty Pedestrian Problems to be Tackled by ACT Forum.

November 12, 2012, ACT Slams Red Line Service on Veterans Day.

October 3, Get Ready for a MARC World Series.

September 11, Montgomery County Needs More Two-Family Houses.

July 25, Absence of the Purple Line brings crime to Chevy Chase.

April 23, ACT Reacts to Report of Bus Rapid Transport Task Force.

April 12, Transit First Says Improved Metro Budget Outlook Calls for Rolling Back Fare Increases by $16 Million, Holding Member Government Contributions Steady

March 28, Bethesda Farmers Market Falls Victim to County Transportation Department.

January 17, 2012, ACT Slams Proposal to Delete Bethesda Metro Entrance from County Budget.

November 10, 2011, Transit advocates and environmentalists call for new priorities in transportation funding.

November 7, Bethesda to Silver Spring in Eight and a Half Minutes on Purple Line

October 19, Red Line and Purple Line Backers Say Full Funding Needed

October 7, ACT Hails Purple Line Approval

September 13, Disaster Looms at Bethesda Metro Station - Escalator Shutdown for Rebuilding Scheduled To Precede Opening of New Station Entrance

May 16, Transit First asks MD, VA & DC to Save Weekend Metro Service

February 28, Transit Backers Launch Campaign for All-Day Train Service to Frederick and Brunswick

January 24, 2011, Transit Backers: Raise Gas Tax to Pay for Better Transit

November 16, 2010, Transit Backers Hit Hidden Plan to Spend $3.4 Billion on I-270 Widening

October 26, Ehrlich campaign admits - Money is there to start Purple Line

April 28, Transit Advocates Slam New Ride-On Cutbacks

April 19, ACT Issues Questionnaire for Planning Board Candidates

April 4, Bombshell Post Poll Shows 2-1 Majority for Transit Over Roads

Feb 24, Transit First! Calls on Jurisdictions to Avoid Metro Cutbacks

Jan 28, Transit First! Hails Metro's Decision Not To Cut Service

Jan 14, 2010, ACT Finds Secret Plan to Widen Beltway

Dec 28, 2009, ACT Slams Montgomery County DOT's Anti-Transit Policies

Nov 30, Press Release on Bethesda $89 Million Garage Boondoggle

Oct 19, ACT and other groups embrace walkable vision for White Flint

Oct 6, Montgomery County Hides the Ball at Bethesda Naval Hospital

Aug 10, Press release by Action Committee for Transit on I-270 Poll

Aug 4, Area Groups Applaud Maryland Governor O'Malley for Purple Line Support

Jul 20, ACT, Audubon Naturalist Society, Coalition for Smarter Growth, 1000 Friends of Maryland on I-270 widening

Jun 13, ACT challenges Senator Madaleno to explain lobbying on Busway

Jun 5, Senator Madaleno stance threatens Corridor Cities Transitway

Apr 13, Transit First! on Metro hearings this week

Apr 2, Transit First! Coalition on Metro and RideOn cuts

Mar 16, Transit First! on available funding to prevent RideOn cuts

Mar 13, The public will be part of budget-making at Metro

Mar 11, Transit First Coalition on proposed Metro Service Cuts

Feb 11, A new coalition of transit riders, environmental and union groups, is organizing to oppose cuts in public transportation funding

Jan 19, Bus Backers can't dent Purple Line Numbers

Jan 7, Wealthy pay to fight Purple Line

Earlier press releases may be viewed in the archive.