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ACT Slams Hogan Purple Line Stall

Press release issued May 16, 2015

We are appalled that Governor Hogan has yet again delayed the Purple Line and repeated his threats to kill the project.

The governor is ignoring the needs of working Marylanders and listening to a handful of wealthy opponents. The vast benefits of building the Purple Line have won it support from business, labor, environmentalists, and commuters alike.

Make no mistake: This decision is not about saving money. The governor is walking away from $1.6 billion in federal grants and low-interest loans. An utterly misleading comparison between the state's share of school construction over one year and the total federal, state, and county cost of building the Purple Line only points out the weakness of his arguments.

Nor is it about transportation. The governor has not even bothered to take a look at the Purple Line route.

Governor Hogan is listening to wealthy campaign contributors and well-connected lobbyists, but we will not give up. We will keep at work educating and organizing the vast majority of voters who understand the need for better public transportation.

The Purple Line will not go away because Maryland needs it. We are confident that it will be built in the end.