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ACT Slams Service Cuts in Metro Budget

Press release issued October 30, 2016

The service cutbacks proposed by Metro today are totally unacceptable, the Action Committee for Transit said today. "This budget will cripple Metro. It is fiscally, socially, and economically irresponsible," said ACT President Ronit Aviva Dancis.

"Under this budget, overcrowded trains will leave passengers standing on the platform. Trains that run 8 minutes apart in rush hour and 15 minutes apart the rest of the day are unworthy of a world capital," Dancis added.

ACT urged Governor Hogan and the region's elected leaders to fully fund Metro, to maintain a full level of service and prevent a fare hike.

The State of Maryland's portion of maintaining current Metro service without increases in fares is $100 million dollars. In May 2015, Governor Hogan cut state bridge and road tolls at an estimated loss of $54 million dollars per year to the Maryland budget.

"If Maryland can spare money to help Delaware residents and beach house owners, then surely it has the funds to keep Metro going," Dancis said.

"Riders of Metrorail and Metrobus have done their share," she added. "They pay some of the highest fares in the nation and have had to suffer through service cuts, single tracking and line closures. Further service cuts and higher fares are unacceptable. It's time for Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia to step up."