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Gov. Hogan's Priorities Leave Out Transit Needs

Press release issued March 23, 2017

Update, March 24, 2017: The Action Committee for Transit is glad to learn that the Purple Line and Metro were an important part of Governor's Hogan's discussions with Federal Transportation Secretary Chao this week. Both these two major transit projects are truly “shovel-ready” and would immediately benefit from Federal funding. The Washington region projects on the Governor’s priority list—highways and the proposed Maglev along the Amtrak/MARC line – are years from being ready to build. They range from being contentious to having significant opposition in the region, and have yet to even begin an environmental clearance process.

We are disappointed Governor Hogan chose to ignore Maryland ’s most urgent transportation needs during his meeting with Secretary Chao yesterday. Rather than asking for funds for crucial transportation systems such as the Metro or statewide MARC commuter trains, Governor Hogan focused on future road widening projects that will do nothing for Maryland's economy or its future.

WMATA needs money right now. Just hours ago, Maryland commuters learned that they will be paying more money for fewer Metrorail rush hour trains. Why didn't Maryland 's Governor ask key federal officials for more money for WMATA?

Governor Hogan had no problem asking Montgomery and Prince George 's Counties to pay more for the Purple Line, but yesterday he did not ask the federal government to contribute more money to the project.

The MARC system, which serves more rural areas, has had shovel-ready improvements pending for years. Instead, Governor Hogan chose to give priority to the fantasy of MagLev trains between Baltimore and Washington – a transit connection MARC can achieve effectively for much less money.

We urge Governor Hogan to reassess his transportation priorities list. It is incredibly disappointing that Governor Hogan wasted his opportunity to advocate for the transportation projects that will help the greatest number of Marylanders.