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Transit Advocates Urge Hogan Administration
To Invest Transportation Funds in MARC Upgrades

Press release issued September 9, 2015

As Hogan Administration transportation officials visited Germantown to discuss plans to spend $100 million on unspecified projects along I-270, Montgomery County transit advocates called for the funds to be invested in increased and improved MARC service.

At issue is $100 million freed up upon the Hogan Administration’s cancellation of Baltimore’s Red Line, which would have extended Baltimore’s light rail into West Baltimore. The Administration has announced its intention to spend the money on I-270, without specifying which specific projects the money would go toward. Activists with Montgomery County’s Action Committee for Transit feel the money would be better invested in the MARC’s Brunswick Line.

“The Administration should work toward all-day service seven days a week,” urged ACT president Nick Brand. “This money should be invested in more MARC trains and upgraded MARC train tracks.With a $100 million investment, MARC could run more trains each day, making a good start toward all-day, week-long service. And all-day, week-long service on the Brunswick Line would do far more to alleviate congestion along the I-270 corridor than more unnecessary road projects.”

ACT activists plan to voice their concerns at the community meeting hosted by Maryland Department of Transportation officials at the Upcounty Regional Services Center in Germantown on Wednesday, September 9 at 7:00 PM.