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Comment on MD 355 Crossing Project, CIP 500722

Testimony Submitted to Montgomery County Dept. of Transportation, August 3, 2010

Presented by Richard Hoye on Behalf of the Action Committee for Transit

The following are ACT's comments regarding the latest presentation of alternatives for the MD 355 Crossing Project made on 7-20-10.

The Action Committee for Transit would like the Federal Transit Administration's presence on this NEPA study committee and that of the National Transportation Safety Board. The involvement of crucial mass transit systems as the major component of this project make these agencies participation crucial to an effective evaluation and alternatives design process.

Further, a critical element in the criteria has been omitted. That is the vulnerability of metrorail passengers to an accident or terrorist attack at the Medical Center Station Platform that could turn an unfortunate incident into a major tragedy. The data for this concenr is in the WMATA Medical Center Access Study.

Key question remain unanswered in the study:

Please respond to the two attached items [previous letters to Washington Post and Planning Board] as part of ACT's statements for the record.