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Criteria for Funding BRAC Transportation Improvements

Update: DOD responded positively to this comment in the final criteria issued Sept. 9. Rather than adding three new criteria as we requested, the three items we proposed were included explicitly as part of criterion (d).

Comment to U.S. Dept. of Defense, August 19, 2011

Submitted by ACT Pedestrian and Bicycle Committee Chair Richard Hoye

I am submitting the following comments regarding the Announcement of Federal Funding Opportunity, FR Doc. 2011–18400 Filed 7–20–11, on behalf of the Action Committee for Transit, PO Box 7074, Silver Spring, MD 20907-7074. I request confirmation of your receipt of these comments.

The Action Committee for Transit believes that the selection criteria (Part V. Application Review Information, Item 1. Selection Criteria, parts "a" through "d", Page 43666 FR/Vol. 76, No. 140, 7-21-11) for the Notice of Federal Funding Opportunity are too narrowly drawn.

(1) The criteria do not address the potential for negative impacts of transportation projects on DoD facilities, service personnel and support employees.

(2) The security of DoD service personnel and support employees/contractors accessing and leaving DoD facilities by means of the projects reviewed for funding is not addressed.

Based on the concerns above, ACT requests that at least three additional criteria be added to Section V, Part 1 of the Announcement of Federal Funding Opportunity:

I thank you in advance for considering Action Committee for Transit's comments.