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Dec 15, ACT testimony to Planning Board on Bus Rapid Transit

Nov 17, Purple Line Tunnel in Bethesda

Nov 16, ACT testimony on legislative priorities

Aug 19, ACT comment on Dept. of Defense criteria for funding BRAC transportation infrastructure improvements

May 17, ACT testimony on Zoning Text Amendment 11-01, Commercial Residential Zones

May 16, ACT testimony on proposed cuts in weekend Metrorail service

April 4, ACT testimony to Maryland Senate supporting study of bus priority treatments on state highways

Mar 11, ACT testimony on qualifications for WMATA board members from Maryland

Mar 11, Transit First testimony on qualifications for WMATA board members from Maryland


Nov 14, ACT testimony opposing allocating funds to I-270 widening in the Constrained Long-Range Plan

Oct 26, ACT testimony on infrastructure financing for the White Flint Sector Plan

Aug 3, ACT testimony on WMATA governance to the Riders Advisory Council

Aug 3, ACT testimony on Rockville Pike Crossing Study alternatives

July 1, ACT testimony to COG Task Force on WMATA Governance

June 29, Neighbors Tell County Council Purple Line Should Stop at Dale Drive

Feb 3, ACT Testimony on Rockville Pike Access Project

Jan 19, ACT Testifies on Transit Access at Medical Center Metro


Oct 20, ACT Testifies at White Flint Sector Plan Hearing

Sep 22, Testimony on Annual Growth Policy

Sep 20, Testimony on JHU and Gaithersburg West

Jun 16, ACT testimony on Corridor Cities Transitway and I-270 Widening

Apr 29, Testimony on Metro funding

Apr 21, ACT Testimony at Council hearing on RideOn

Mar 26, Gaithersburg West Master Plan is not TOD

Feb 17, Miriam Schoenbaum testimony on MARC Service

Earlier items can be found in the archives.